Emily Ratajkowski wants to write scripts and fiction

Opening up about her plans after publishing her book ‘My Body’, Emily Ratajkowski has said she is determined to start writing scripts and fiction.



Emily Ratajkowski is determined to start writing scripts and fiction.

The model and actress, 32, who published her book of essays ‘My Body’ in 2022, now has more time for writing as she is on a break from her podcast ‘High Low with EmRata’.

She told Glamour UK: “(The podcast) was perfect for me in the last year, because what I really love to do is write and I do like making content, but being a single mom and also a working model, and then having three episodes a week was pretty insane.”

Her Glamour profile noted she is currently writing a new book, but has remained light-lipped on its subject matter.

Emily revealed about her future writing plans: “I’d like to be writing scripts; I’d like to be writing fiction.”

The model said her previous writing has led to people asking her whether she had given up modelling.

She added: “I feel like after I wrote my book, whenever I did an interview people would say, ‘So, you’re quitting modelling?’

“I was like, ‘No, I’m not quitting modelling.”