Cole Sprouse slams 'risk averse' film industry

Cole Sprouse is interested in collaborating with first-time directors as he is frustrated by "risk averse" Hollywood studios.



Cole Sprouse is keen to work with new filmmakers
Cole Sprouse is keen to work with new filmmakers

Cole Sprouse works with first-time directors in response to "risk averse" Hollywood.

The 31-year-old actor has starred in the films 'Lisa Frankenstein' and 'I Wish You All The Best' from directorial debutants Zelda Williams and Tommy Dorfman respectively and thinks that the movie industry is a better place when "fresh perspective" is introduced.

In an interview with Collider, Cole said: "I think the industry's become really risk averse. Super risk averse. I find that the introduction of fresh perspective is getting more and more rare, and so I am always willing to work with first time directors.

"Obviously there needs to be a level of trust, like Zelda and Tommy are my friends. I have an existing language developed with them that makes me feel comfortable."

The 'Riverdale' actor added: "But I think the industry as a whole would stand to benefit pretty greatly from putting some financing and some trust into young original screenplays and visions, and then stick with them and cultivate them. I think that would be really awesome."

Spouse thinks that studios are worried about taking risks and only green light the same types of films that will guarantee financial success.

He explained: "IP is king right now. And with these huge budget movies that have a ton of risk, if they don't smash the box office, I think (that) has created a lot of insecurities with larger studios.

"So for me, I'm always like, how do I help? How do I assist first time directors or creatives or writers or actors to get more interesting perspective and projects over the line?

"I think it's really important. I think all of us have to make a real concentrated effort towards it."