My divorce was a crushing moment, says Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner was "hurt" by his split from Christine Baumgartner, his ex-wife.



Kevin Costner was hurt by his break-up
Kevin Costner was hurt by his break-up

Kevin Costner's divorce was a "crushing moment" for the actor.

The 69-year-old star finalised his divorce from Christine Baumgartner earlier this year, and Kevin has now acknowledged that their break-up really "hurt" him.

The Hollywood actor - who was married to the designer between 2004 and 2024 - told 'CBS Mornings': "That's a crushing moment. It's powerful. It hurt. But I go forward. I have no choice - my children are looking at me.

"So I can't wilt like a daisy, I have to go forward."

Kevin - who has Cayden, 16, Hayes, 15, and Grace, 14, with his ex-wife - is now determined to protect his children following his divorce.

The movie star said: "I have to continue to be who I am and keep a special eye on who they are."

Earlier this month, Kevin revealed that he would "like to be in love" once again.

The actor remains open to the possibility of finding love, following his high-profile split from Christine.

Asked if he could see himself falling in love again, the actor told PEOPLE: "Yeah, I think everybody would like to be in love.

"There's such a good feeling that's associated with that. It may have to be defined in a different way, but yeah, I love the idea of that possibility.

"Iā€™m not going to let anything harden my heart."

Kevin also revealed that he prioritized his children's welfare amid his split from Christine.

The award-wining actor - who has seven children in total - admitted that it was difficult scenario to navigate for himself and his family.

He said: "You just keep talking, you keep coaching [the kids], you keep interested in what they're interested in ... I had to."