Single Lala Kent to raise new baby with her mom

Pregnant reality TV star Lala Kent has revealed she will be raising her new baby with her mom after deciding to have a second child using a sperm donor.



Lala Kent has opened up about raising her new baby as a single mom
Lala Kent has opened up about raising her new baby as a single mom

Pregnant Lala Kent will be co-parenting her new baby with her mom.

The 33-year-old reality TV star went public with her pregnancy news earlier this week revealing she's expecting a sibling for her two-year-old daughter Ocean and explaining the baby was conceived using a sperm donor because she didn't want to wait around to find a partner before expanding her family - and now she's confirmed her mom will help her raise the baby.

During a question and answer session on Amazon Live, Lala explained: "I never expected to be raising not one but two children in the type of household that I'm in. I always say I'm raising my daughter Ocean, and I'll be raising this new baby with my mom.

"My mom is a tremendous help, and she helps co-parent. But I have a pod around me. I say we're like a pod of orcas. No one ever leaves the pod. We just keep adding to it. And it may not look normal to most people, but Ocean and this child, they're going to be surrounded by so much love."

It comes after Lala revealed she worked closely with a "fertility specialist" to choose a donor from a sperm bank for her intrauterine insemination (IUI) procedure.

During an episode of her 'Give Them Lala' podcast, she said: "I got my donor through the California Cryobank.

"Only 10 per cent of women who go into the California Cryobank to seek out a donor because they want to do parenthood on their own, there’s only 10 per cent of people who, like me, who are like, 'I just want a child and I need a donor' ...

"I did say, ‘What does he [the donor] look like?’ Because I feel like this baby - and we live in Los Angeles, so that’s great - but the outside world is funny.

"Not everybody is as progressive as we are, and I just felt like, ‘OK, I’m bringing this baby into the world because I so badly want it to be here. But I also want to eliminate as many questions as I possibly can'."

She went on to say she asked for her donor to have "this same aesthetic look as me, my mom, Ocean" to avoid the youngster having to face any awkward questions about their parentage.

Lala added: "The world is already tough when you come from a totally normal family. I don’t want to make it any tougher for them."

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