Emily Ratajkowski wants more privacy

Emily Ratajkowski wants to have a "more private" 2024 so she can do some "internal work" on herself.



Emily Ratajkowski wants to work on herself
Emily Ratajkowski wants to work on herself

Emily Ratajkowski wants to have a "more private" 2024.

The 32-year-old model-and-actress is known for speaking her mind and being candid about her life on her 'High Low with EmRata' podcast, but she plans to spend the coming months being more reflective and doing "internal work" on herself.

She told PopSugar: "I would like this year to be a bit more private in the sense that I want to do a lot of internal work on myself."

Emily spent 2023 trying to have fun when she wasn't busy with her work but that meant she didn't read as many books as she'd have liked to and instead "spent way more time on TikTok".

She added: "But I would just like to go back into more of a quieter, introspective space for 2024."

The 'Gone Girl' star gave birth to son Sylvester - who she has with ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard - in March 2021 and she admitted seeing her little boy growing up has made her more "present" in life.

She explained: "Sly has really made me more present and appreciative because he's changing so quickly that I'm sort of like, '[Woah], life is going by."

But because the demands of raising a toddler leave her with few quiet moments alone, Emily has learned to value the time she spends getting ready in the mornings.

She explained: "It was just this meditative quiet time where I'm not on my phone and I'm not thinking about whatever, and I've come to really value that process.

"[Beauty and fashion] are tools to make me feel good about myself."

The brunette beauty has learned to stop worrying about the effects of getting older because of her new mindset.

She said: "If I don't enjoy my body and my face, and if I'm just so critical, life will pass me by, and I don't want that."