Hannah Spearritt got hooked on pain pills after boob job

S Club star Hannah Spearritt has declared getting a boob job back in 2013 was the 'worst decision' of her life as she ended up hooked on pain pills and needed a stint in rehab to help get her off them



Hannah Spearritt was left hooked on painkillers after her boob job
Hannah Spearritt was left hooked on painkillers after her boob job

Hannah Spearritt says getting a boob job was the "worst mistake" of her life as she ended up in rehab after getting hooked on pain pills.

The 42-year-old S Club star has revealed she went under the knife back in 2013 after becoming convinced having implants would give her a confidence boost, but her health went into decline after the surgery with the singer suffering from pain, panic attacks and even struggling to walk.

In an extract from her book ' Facing The Music' published by The Sun newspaper, Hannah explained: "In August 2013 I made what I now think was the worst mistake of my life. I got breast implants ... I thought that getting implants would give me more confidence and make my life easier ...

"How wrong I was. I’d had a great bill of health going into the surgery, but I didn’t recover well. Then my health declined rapidly."

Hannah revealed she started sleeping more and suffered from physical symptoms which meant she was unable to climb the stairs in her home so she had to set up a bedroom on the ground floor.

She describes spending four years living in "unbearable pain and discomfort" and the misery left her in the verge of suicide but she got back on her feet to take part in the S Club reunion tour in 2015 after being prescribed a strong painkiller.

However, Hannah got hooked on the pills and needed a stint in rehab to help her come off them. She added: "I’d been bedridden for so long that I’d have taken anything if it promised to get me back on my feet and walking again. And it worked at first ... [After the tour] it was decided I had to be sent to rehab because by this point I was clearly struggling to get off the medication. It’s really difficult to come off such a powerful painkiller ... "

Hannah did eventually manage to kick the painkillers, but still struggled to get a diagnosis about what was causing her issues. However, she decided to get her breast implants removed in 2017 and she says she "almost instantly started to feel better."

The singer insists she is now very health conscious after her experience and she has embraced alternative healing therapies.