A good sex life is key to a strong relationship, says Ice-T

Ice-T has opened up about his relationship with Coco Austin, admitting that a healthy sex life has helped them to maintain their romance.



Coco Austin and Ice-T have been married since 2002
Coco Austin and Ice-T have been married since 2002

Ice-T thinks a healthy sex life is important to a strong relationship.

The 65-year-old rapper has been married to Coco Austin since 2002, and he admits that it's important to have a good sex life.

The music star - who has Chanel, seven, with Coco - told E! News: "They say when sex is good, it's ten percent of the relationship. When it's bad, it's 90 percent of the relationship.

"So, if it's good, it's a cherry on top of the relationship. And when it's bad, it's all you can think about."

Ice-T also likened marriage to shooting a film.

He explained: "Getting married is like casting for a movie. You got to pick somebody who's ready for all the scenes. Now, there's gonna be fun scenes. There's gonna be sad scenes. There's gonna be tough scenes. There's gonna be fight scenes.

"A lot of people don't sign up for the whole movie. They just sign up for the good part."

The rap star thinks Coco, 44, is a perfect partner for him.

He said: "The fact of it is, Coco and I are almost like identical.

"Coco's an outgoing chick. She's borderline exhibitionist. She likes to show herself. She's fun like that. I dig that. So, you gotta find somebody who you really like them as themselves."

Ice-T also recognizes that there's an emotional connection between himself and Coco.

The rapper suggested that he doesn't take anything for granted - even after two decades of marriage.

He explained: "You have to stay in tune with it. It's like a plant. You have to water it, like every once in a while, ‘Are you still happy?' Because the problem with humans is we keep evolving."