Living star Bill Nighty always thinking about death

'Living' actor Bill Nighy, 73, hinks about death at least a dozen times a day.



Bill Nighy thinks about death a lot
Bill Nighy thinks about death a lot

Bill Nighy thinks about death at least 12 times a day.

The 73-year-old actor admitted he has always been obsessed with the idea of morbidity and thoughts his time on earth may soon be up come to him on a regular basis.

Discussing how he thinks about death even when buying shoes, he said: "This might be my last pair..."

He added to Sunday Times Culture magazine: "I don’t think I could think about death any more than I already do. But I’m not running from it.”

The 'Living' star - who was raised Catholic but lost his faith as a teenager - may think about death a lot but he has no idea what will happen after he's taken his final breath.

He said: “I worked very hard to not be a Catholic. Still, I’m perfectly cheerful about the prospect of there being something [after life], but I have no information in that area. I’ve never had contact with the supernatural.”

Despite his advancing years, Bill has no plans to retire.

He said: “A young waitress asked, ‘Why don’t you retire? I would!'

“I spent the warmer part of [the COVID-19 lockdown] under a tree reading books, and it occurred to me that, at my age, if I did any other job, that’s what I would do. Sit and read 'Middlemarch' before I die. But I can’t see why I would stop acting.”

The 'Love Actually' actor used to have a "terrible habit" of never being able to see he positives in himself but "doesn't think" he ever suffered from depression.

He said: “My first thought about myself is not always a positive one.

"But I’m a world away from where I was. I had a terrible habit of thinking I couldn’t do anything good. Even if something went well, I would dismantle it by the time it was over.

"But I hear it as mild chatter now, as opposed to a headline. Maybe that’s everyone’s experience, from being younger to not [young].”

Asked if he was depressed, he replied: "No! I don’t know. I’ve never been depressed. I don’t think? I haven’t spent my whole life like this. I don’t live in an atmosphere of negativity now, and even when I did undermine myself there were times I was... Ebullient.”