Girl threatened with expulsion unless her mum axes OnlyFans account!

After posting raunchy snaps online, a mum’s OnlyFans account – under the name Taylor Vixen – has sparked an expulsion threat for her daughter.



A girl is facing expulsion after her schoolmates discovered her mum’s OnlyFans account
A girl is facing expulsion after her schoolmates discovered her mum’s OnlyFans account

A girl faces expulsion after her schoolmates discovered her mum’s OnlyFans account.

The pupil’s mother Jen Walender, who goes by ‘Taylor Vixen’ on the X-rated site, was informed by officials at the First Academy Leesburg, Florida, students had discovered her page – causing what it called a “class disruption”.

After meeting with a school boss, Jen was slapped with an ultimatum to either stop posting on OnlyFans or see her kid expelled.

She told Fox35: “(A school boss) gave us the option that we either would withdraw her from school immediately or take down the sites, and she could continue with the school year.”

The Christian school’s handbook states: “Any parent who intimidates, harasses, provides false information, or otherwise inappropriately interacts with staff, students, or other parents, in person, via electronics, social media, the Internet, or in any other manner, may be disciplined, trespassed from campus, referred to law enforcement, and/or have their children dismissed from the school.”

But Jen said: “That doesn’t have anything to do with this because I’m not interacting with anybody.”

The school appears to be sticking with its decision, and has given Jen until Friday (15.03.24) to either withdraw her OnlyFans account or see her child expelled.

Jen has also said her daughter “wanted to change schools anyway”.

She declared on X: “Well, this happened yesterday! Hypocrites and Karens worrying about everyone’s lives but their own! Good news is my daughter wanted to change schools anyway!

“Nobody will tell me how (to) live my life!”

Jen has added: "I think you can live your life a certain way, and you can raise your kids a certain way, and you don’t have to put your moral judgment on other people that aren't hurting you, that aren’t hurting your kids.”

In a statement to Fox35, the school said: “While we do not comment on confidential matters concerning student enrolment, as a private Christian school, we are committed to leading students in a Christian lifestyle and promoting conservative, biblical values.

“Parents are expected to support such values.”