OnlyFans star Mia Khalifa shocks fans with trip to North Korea: 'Is Kim Jon Un getting lucky?'

Mia Khalifa has shocked her fans with a sudden trip to North Korea as she vows to "learn things" whilst in the totalitarian dictatorship.



Mia Khalifa has gone on a trip to North Korea
Mia Khalifa has gone on a trip to North Korea

Mia Khalifa has shocked her fans with a sudden trip to North Korea.

The 31-year-old star - who is known for selling racy content on adults-only subscription service OnlyFans - took to X (formerly Twitter ) to announce that she was heading on a visit to the controversial country that functions as a totalitarian dictatorship to see what she could "learn" about the place.

She wrote: "On my way to North Korea to learn and see with my own eyes.

But Mia did not tell fans exactly what she had learned with her sudden jaunt and fans were quick to pile in and and wonder if it was all part of a strange joke.

One said: "If this was a joke you should seriously consider it, one of the most beautiful and hospitable counties on this planet despite everything you might've heard about them.

"You should absolutely see with your own eyes and tours go to every single city and town in the country nowadays!"'

Another follower jokingly asked if the country's supreme leader Kim Jong Un was "getting lucky" with her visit whilst another quesitoned if she was even allowed to visit there in the first place.

They wrote: "I didn't even think Americans were allowed there. I just learned something myself."

Recently, the porn star revealed that she was having a business lunch with her new executives when a fan asked her for a photo, but when she politely declined because she was eating, his girlfriend told him that it couldn't possibly be her because she looked nothing like she may have done at the end of one of her scenes. Speaking on the 'I Spend a Day With...' podcast, she told host Anthony Padilla: "I was in a business meeting in London and I was there with a company that I had just signed with. It was the two men who were the heads of the company and my manager at the time. "We were just sitting down celebrating having just done a great press tour for the project we were working on, and I get come up to by this guy and his girlfriend. "We were interrupted in the middle of talking and eating. He said, 'Hey, Mia Khalifa, can I get a picture with you?' "I said it just like that [and told him I was eating]. It was a rude way but it was also very rude for him to come up while someone was actively in the middle of a conversation. "After I said that, his girlfriend who was standing next to him grabbed him by the arm and said, 'I told you that wasn't her. There's not enough c** on her face. Let's go, babe.'"