Mia Khalifa’s jewellery label appeals to the devil inside

Mia Khalifa's Sheytan jewellery collection is made for the devil that lurks inside.



Mia Khalifa’s jewellery label appeals to a women's devilish side
Mia Khalifa’s jewellery label appeals to a women's devilish side

Mia Khalifa’s new body jewellery collection is aimed at the devil inside

The former porn star recently launched her jewellery label Sheytan, which translates to 'devil' in Arabic, and has brushed aside the religious controversy surrounding the name of the brand.

Speaking to Hypebae, the Lebanese-American star said: "It comes from the phrase cheeky devil, or asking someone are you a devil? There’s very much that same sentiment in Arabic. The only people who feel weird about that name are people who are overly religious and want to lay claim to that name, when in reality, it’s simply just an Arabic word. And it’s a really cute one. We were going to be called Sheytans anyway for wearing gold chains and belly chains and showing our bodies so I thought it was the perfect name. I can’t imagine a body jewellery brand with Arabic roots being called anything but that.

“The brand is for the girl who wears lingerie just for her. It’s the girl who wears perfume, even when she’s home alone.

“It makes you feel sexy and makes you feel more powerful.”

The media personality sparked outrage after becoming a viral hit for her work in the adult entertainment industry and was labelled a disgrace to Lebanon, receiving multiple death threats.

But Mia insists that everything she does is part of the political fight to end the patriarchal system and oppression of women in the country, something that is reflected in her fashion choices.

She said: "I think I’m still trying to change opinions constantly. I don’t know if that will ever change because I see people who are in completely different positions but still have a lot more on their side and they still get held back and kind of put into boxes that they’ve clearly broken out of and shattered. So, it’s also like, that’s not really a goal of mine, to change everyone’s mind. Instead, it’s just to keep doing what I want to do. I don’t care about whose mind I’m changing as long as I can do what I love."