Emmy Awards: Sarah Snook dedicates win to baby girl

'Succession' actress Sarah Snook dedicated her Emmy Award to her baby daughter.



Sarah Snook at the Emmy Awards
Sarah Snook at the Emmy Awards

Sarah Snook dedicated her Emmy Award win to her baby daughter.

The 36-year-old actress and her husband Dave Lawson welcomed their first child into the world in May last year and though she picked up the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series accolade for her portrayal of Shiv Roy in 'Succession' she joked it had been an "easy" job because of the pregnancy hormones surging through her body during filming.

Speaking on stage at the Peacock Theatre in Los Angeles on Monday (15.01.24), she said: "Thank you everyone who voted and for loving the show as much as we did as a cast and a crew making it. We put our all into it and the bar was set so high, I think that's what spurred us on. From every department, we gave it our best led by Jesse and Mark, who are brilliant.

"All the cast, who I just love so much and I'm going to miss.

"To my family, my mum and my dad, I love you. Thank you for having a dress-up box when I was a kid - this is where it gets you.

"The biggest thank you is to someone who won't understand anything I say at the moment but I carried her with me in this last season and really it was her who carried me.

"It's very easy to act when you're pregnant because you've got hormones raging. It was the proximity of her life growing inside me gave me the strength to do this.

"I love you so much and it's all for you from here on out."

Sarah was nominated for the award alongside Sharon Horgan (‘Bad Sisters’), Melanie Lynskey (‘Yellowjackets’), Elisabeth Moss (‘The Handmaid’s Tale’),

Bella Ramsey (‘The Last of Us’) and Keri Russell (‘The Diplomat’).

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