Amouranth banned from Twitch

Adult content creator Amouranth has been banned from livestreaming service Twitch again after suffering a 'crazy slip'



Amouranth has been banned from Twitch again
Amouranth has been banned from Twitch again

Amouranth has been banned from Twitch again after suffering a "crazy slip".

The 30-year-old adult content creator - who has a following of more than 6.3 million users - is a regular on the livestreaming service, but she's been given the boot many times in the past after her "hot tub" sessions got a bit too steamy and she's now been shown the door once again marking the eighth time she's had her Twitch account suspended.

She reposted a message about her Twitch ban on X - formerly known as Twitter - and put it down to an accident. She wrote: "Man that slip was crazy ... My bad."

The post suggests she was handed the ban for breaching the site's guidelines by showing a bit too much skin. However, the ban didn't last long and reported her account had been reinstated just "one day, three minutes and 15 seconds" after it was taken down by administrators.

It comes after Amouranth - whose real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa - warned other women against joining OnlyFans.

The busty redhead insisted content creators who already have a strong following are the only ones who will succeed and make lots of cash on the adult-only site.

She is in the top 0.01 percent of creators on OnlyFans and previously shared the exact sum she has earned since joining the subscription platform in January 2020.

Amouranth made made a whopping $57,058,995.18 in gross revenue, and $45,651,323.47 in net profit. That money came from $20 million in subscription fees and a further $10 million in tips.

The rest of the revenue came from messages and referrals. Amouranth - who first joined Twitch in 2015 - insists her wealth will continue to grow because she has invested her money wisely and saved most of her profit.

Explaining her money management strategies on X, she posted: "Saving the a majority of the windfall, investing it, and grinding relentlessly for 12 hours a day for 6+ years consecutively is why I’m wealthy."

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