OnlyFans' top-earner Amouranth insists only 'established creators' can earn megabucks

Amouranth claims it's difficult to make a decent living off of OnlyFans if you are not popular already online.



Amouranth admits her huge following pre-OnlyFans is why she has earned millions through the site
Amouranth admits her huge following pre-OnlyFans is why she has earned millions through the site

Amouranth has warned women against doing OnlyFans.

The top streamer has insisted only women who already have a strong following will succeed and make a tonne of cash on the adult-only site, if not, she insists it's "not good for you."

The busty redhead - whose real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa, was doing a livestream on Kick when she commented on her reaction to YouTuber Optimus, who discussed the topic in a video entitled "Amouranth Simps Give Her $57 MILLION Through OnlyFans..."

He began: "You have tricked all these sad men, all these guys who don't realise what free porn is into making you a very, very, very rich woman."

Siragusa responded: "You don't even know."

"You don't even know the trick part. You don't even know. There's multiple of them."

Optimus - whose first name is Nathan - suggested he was tempted to sign up.

He said: "If this is what the money's looking like, s***."

Amouranth is in the top 0.01 percent of creators on OnlyFans and she just shared the exact sum she has earned since joining the subscription platform in January 2020.

Amouranth has made a whopping $57,058,995.18 in gross revenue, and $45,651,323.47 in net profit.

That money came from $20 million in subscription fees and a further $10 million in tips. The rest of the revenue came from messages and referrals.

Amouranth - who first joined video game streaming platform Twitch in 2015 - insists her wealth will continue to grow because she has invested her money wisely and saved most of her profit.

Explaining her money management strategies on X, she posted: "Saving the a majority of the windfall, investing it, and grinding relentlessly for 12 hours a day for 6+ years consecutively is why I’m wealthy,"

Amongst Amouranth's portfolio is a gas station that she purchased for $8.3 million in 2021 and she now rents to Circle K convenience stores and an inflatable pool toy company.

The cosplayer also recently launched an AI model of herself which as well as sharing her likeness also shares her personality and is capable of "advanced roleplaying" which is starting to earn cash for her.

Amouranth's motivation for creating the AI version of herself was so that her fans could live out their ultimate fantasies.

Speaking to Dexerto, she said: "I think AI would be wonderful to mix with OnlyFans, because there are so many concepts out there that are just really hard to pull off in person with real people.

"If the computer can do it, that’s great. There are so many possibilities."

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