Emily Ratajkowski explains why she is 'not scared' of using Botox

Emily Ratajkowski is "not scared" of using Botox but jokes that even after multople injections, her face can still move.



Emily Ratajkowski has used Botox in the past
Emily Ratajkowski has used Botox in the past

Emily Ratajkowski is "not scared" of using Botox.

The 32-year-old supermodel has used the cosmetic injectable in the past in an attempt to defy ageing and joked that she can still "move [her] face" but is not shy about trying what is out there when it comes to certain procedures to maintain her looks.

She told Glamour UK: "I get Botox. My face still moves, which I am quite proud of, but I’m not scared to use what’s out there."

The catwalk star studied fashion at UCLA before dropping out to pursue modelling full-time but admitted that she had no specific ambition to be famous in the first place and simply thought she was following in the footsteps of her parents, both of whom work in creative industries.

She said: "I didn't want to be famous. I had no plans. I wasn’t thinking about a career, I was thinking about saving money. But the saving money was to be able to do what I actually wanted to do, which was make things, basically. I saw my parents, they are both creatives, but they had day jobs, so that was sort of how I saw life working.

Despite being on the cover of several men's magazines, Emily - who has two-year-old son Sylvester with ex-parter Sebastian Bear-McClard - also insisted that she refuses to be the object of a "male gaze" and in recent years she has learned to "care a whole lot less" what people think about her.

She said: " In the past two years, how I feel is I just care a whole lot less what people think. So, if I am in a certain type of mood where I want to post something or wear something that I could be judged for because it’s, quote-unquote ‘desperate’, I’m a little bit like, ‘Well, that’s where I’m at’. I’ve learned to prioritise my own happiness, probably because of my son. I feel I have bigger fish to fry than caring about the politics of whether or not I’m appealing to the male gaze in a given moment."

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