Taylor Swift was a 'big sister' to Jeff Jarrett's kids when his wife died

Taylor Swift supported the girls after they lost their mother to cancer.



Taylor Swift was like a "big sister" to WWE legend Jeff Jarrett's daughters after his wife passed away.

The 56-year-old wrestler has recalled a teenage Taylor, who is now 34, being there for his girls, Joslyn, Jaclyn and Jerlyn, after their mom, Jill Gregory, lost her battle with cancer in 2007.

He told WREG: "She’s a friend of the family, very good to my family during a very, very, dark period. My wife got sick and she passed away but Taylor was like a big sister and came over and took the girls, baking cookies, and just kinda hung out at the house, and I just can’t say enough good things about Taylor.”

He quipped about her superstardom: “I don’t know if you know this, she’s done pretty well for herself."

Jeff gushed: "She's just a sweetheart. I still call her 'our girl.'”

Taylor even got one of his girls to film a cameo in her music video for ‘Mine’ in 2010.

Appearing on 'Instinct Culture', he recalled in 2021: “The 'Mine' video is so creative, and my daughter, Jaclyn, looked like a little Taylor.

"Taylor, being as bold as she always is, just said, 'I want Jaclyn in the video.'"