Daniel Bruhl hails 'clever and charming' Karl Lagerfeld

Daniel Bruhl has lavished praise on the legendary fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.



Daniel Bruhl has lavished praise on Karl Lagerfeld
Daniel Bruhl has lavished praise on Karl Lagerfeld

Daniel Bruhl admires Karl Lagerfeld for keeping up "with the zeitgeist".

The 45-year-old actor plays the legendary fashion designer in a six-part TV series called 'Becoming Karl Lagerfeld', and Daniel has admitted to being an admirer of the cultural icon, who died in February 2019, aged 85.

Daniel told the Guardian newspaper: "He was a very clever businessman.

"Karl Lagerfeld, even as a young man, was a great self-promoter and knew how to handle journalists, how to create brands, how to adapt to each and every single brand that he was working for like a chameleon.

"Then, of course, Chanel, the next chapter, a brand that was struggling and that he revived. It’s pretty impressive what he left; his legacy is gigantic. I guess personally what inspired me the most is that, even when you’re getting older, to not lose the grip and not become too nostalgic, to stay curious no matter what.

"This is something that I find very admirable in Karl Lagerfeld, that he had his books and he had his refuge but he never lost touch with the pulse, with the zeitgeist, with the young people."

Daniel only met the fashion designer on one occasion, but he remembers him being a "charming" man.

The actor shared: "It’s funny with Karl because I guess he gave people the impression that they all knew him so incredibly well. I met so many Karl experts, especially in Germany, but then very often I found out they probably met him twice.

"I met him once and that doesn’t make me a Karl Lagerfeld expert. He was very clever and so charming. He told me some jokes about Berlin but after two minutes I had the feeling that I know this man. That’s why there’s so many Karl Lagerfeld experts who think like, ‘Yeah, I knew him so well.’"