Nina Dobrev reveals how she 'snapped' her knee

'The Vampire Diaries' star Nina Dobrev has revealed she was dirt biking when she lost control, fell off and landed on her knee, which "snapped", and she still can't walk on her own yet following surgery last week.



Nina Dobrev can't walk on her own yet after her knee "snapped" following a dirt bike crash.

The 35-year-old actress has opened up for the first time about the accident that left her recently requiring knee surgery, and admitted she "lost control" of her dirt bike, but the star was lucky it didn't land on her.

Speaking on 'The Talk', she said: "I don't recommend it, guys. It's okay, I learned a lesson, don't ever get on a dirt bike. I was in a wheely, lost control, whisky throttled, bike flew.

"Luckily, it didn't fall on me, which is what the doctor said would have been a lot worse. But when I landed, I landed on one leg, straight, and my knee just like snapped."

Nina recently underwent surgery to repair her fractured knee.

She said: "I had knee surgery; I got a giant brace. I can't really walk on my own yet...I had a fractured knee as well as ACL repair and meniscus."

During her appearance on the talk show, Nina admitted it was her "first time actually leaving the house in over two months", aside from a recent hospital visit.

Last week, 'The Vampire Diaries' star told how her surgery had been a "success".

She wrote on Instagram: "Surgery was a success. Thank you to everyone who has been sending kind messages, thoughts, prayers, and good vibes.

"I have been feeling the support and positive energy. It means more than you will ever know."