Charli XCX has added three new songs to her latest album Brat

Charli XCX has released an expanded version of her latest album 'Brat' - adding three new songs to the tracklist two days after the record initially dropped.



Charli XCX has added three new songs to her latest album 'Brat'.

The 31-year-old pop star released the record on Friday (07.06.24) and just two days later she dropped an expanded version of the record with a trio of extra tracks 'Hello goodbye', 'Guess' and 'Spring breakers'.

In a post on Instagram, Charli wrote: "'Brat' and it’s the same but there’s three more songs so it’s not – out at midnight."

It came just two days after she dropped the initial album and thanked her fans for all their support. In a message shared on Instagram, Charli wrote: "'Brat' is out now!!

"Thank you so much for all the love and support you have all shown for this music, this campaign and for me - at my most pure, my most Charli, my most brat ...

"I think we all feel that something quite special is happening ... I love you all. This album was the product of 1000s of phonecalls, texts, emails, conversations, debates and discussions with multiple different amazing people who make up my epic longstanding team.

"We went back and forth on deciding which production tools to ban vs which to lean on, we tested hair texture over and over again to land on the perfect good/bad/professional/unprofessional texture, we road tested language, autotune, font, pixelation and spoke constantly about pop theory, narrative, the concept of desire and of course narrowed down around 65 shades of green to the final most ultimate most brat green."