Jared Padalecki had 'suicidal ideation' caused by struggles of Hollywood

'Gilmore Girls' actor Jared Padalecki went to "places of dramatic suicidal ideation" during a dark period in 2015.



Jared Padalecki has opened up on his mental health struggles
Jared Padalecki has opened up on his mental health struggles

Jared Padalecki suffered with "dramatic suicidal ideation" due to the pitfalls of Hollywood.

The former 'Gilmore Girls' actor has revealed he checked himself into a clinic to get treatment in 2015 after struggling with his mental health.

Appearing on Tommy DiDario's 'I've Never Said This Before' podcast, he said in a clip shared by People: "I had a really low moment.

"I was letting my thoughts take over and going to places of dramatic suicidal ideation. I called my wife and she said, ‘Get home.’

“And so, I got home, went to a clinic for a couple weeks and looked into it and haven’t been suicidal since — not for a moment."

The 41-year-old star was finding it difficult to cope with being in the public eye and projecting an image of what people wanted him to be.

He explained: “I needed a full reset. I had spent 15 years in this industry.

"You go to an audition or on a red carpet and they don’t want, ‘Jared, how are you doing today?’ ‘Oh today was rough, I didn’t sleep.’ They want, ‘Oh it’s great! Excited to be here!’

"So I had done that for so long, trying to focus on what’s best for the person who’s talking to me as opposed to just being honest.”

Jared pointed out it isn't "shameful" to get help, and compared the situation to having a "surgeon" operate for physical health issues.

He added: "I don’t wear it as a scarlet letter. It’s not like I’m shameful like, 'Hey, I see a therapist, I've been to a clinic'.

"I wear it proudly. I put it on my face and tell everybody. If you’re not in a situation where you need that degree of help then don’t seek it.

"I needed a surgeon — not literally — but I needed it and here I am.”

Jared still has to deal with "highs and lows", and he teared up in the interview as he reflected on news his crime drama series 'Walker' had been cancelled ahead of the fourth season finale last month.

He said: "Today’s a hard day. It's been a hard month since we found out, but I’m in a great place with my wife, our children, my friends, my family. Seek help, open up.”