Shannen Doherty 'scared of the unknown' as she starts new round of cancer treatment

'Charmed' actress Shannen Doherty is preparing for the "unknown" during her battle with stage 4 breast cancer.



Shannen Doherty has reflected on her cancer treatment and divorce
Shannen Doherty has reflected on her cancer treatment and divorce

Shannen Doherty is scared as she prepares for the "unknown" of a new round of chemotherapy.

The 53-year-old star has opened up on her treatment for stage 4 breast cancer, and she admitted it feels "very real" as she finds herself not knowing "if it's gonna be three months" or something more.

Speaking on her own 'Let's Be Clear' podcast, she said: "It becomes very real in an incredibly different way, because I have no idea how long I'm gonna be on the chemo for.

"I have no idea if it's gonna be 3 months or if it's gonna be 6 months or if we're gonna — if after 3 months, it's not working, if we're gonna change again.

"That's not something that I can predict. It's not something my doctors can predict. And it's scary."

She was expecting to start her first round of chemotherapy "probably a couple of days after" the podcast episode was released.

She added: "To just be walking into the unknown — I just feel like my life has been unknown for over a year now, between divorce and cancer."

The 'Charmed' star admitted the end of her 11-year marriage of Kurt Iswarienko had been "really hard" to deal with after filing for divorce in April 2023.

She said: "Obviously, divorce is not easy, especially when you really loved someone. And I did love my husband.

"And when you get so hurt by their actions that you just feel betrayed and like a sucker, it's really hard."

She noted that the separation was "not the most pleasant thing" to deal with, and she may "never be ready to discuss the full details" of their breakup.

She added: "There's so many different nuances that people will never understand. I don't understand why people find it so fascinating."

Instead, the 'Beverly Hills, 90210' actress has urged fans to give her "privacy" as she deals with both her illness and divorce, and insisted she will open up more if and when she wants to.

She explained: "I'm going through stuff. And when I wanna share it, I will share it."