Kristen Bell created 'most brilliant card game ever' when she was high but can't remember the rules

'Frozen' star Kristen Bell has revealed she had an "enlightenment moment" when she was high at college, but she's not smoked cannabis now for 15 years.



Kristen Bell hasn't smoked cannabis in 15 years
Kristen Bell hasn't smoked cannabis in 15 years

Kristen Bell created the "most brilliant card game ever imagined" when she was high.

The 43-year-old 'Frozen' actress - who has produced the new revival of 'Reefer Madness: The Musical' after starring in the original 1999 production - has opened up on her own experiences with cannabis, and recalled an "enlightenment moment" when she came up with an innovative new game.

She told Deadline: "When I discovered reefer, I remember getting stoned in my college dorm room one night, and after my friends left, I was shuffling a deck of cards and I had an enlightenment moment, and I made up the most brilliant card game ever imagined.

"Better than Spades, better than Hearts, anything. I put different marker numbers and shapes on all the cards and I wrote down the rules."

However, when she woke up the next day she realized everything she'd jotted down was "absolute nonsense", and she has never been able to remember the rules.

She added: "I went to bed. The next morning I said, 'Oh my God, didn’t I do something with these cards last night?'

"And it was absolute nonsense. But the night before, nothing had ever made more sense to me.

"So, the world just won’t get to experience this brilliant card game because I can’t interpret it.

"It’s been too long and I’m probably not going to smoke anytime soon. But I remember feeling very enlightened."

Indeed, Kristen - who has daughters Lincoln, 11, and Delta, nine, with husband Dax Shepard - admitted while she "smoked a lot of reefer in college" because of her sensitivity to alcohol, she has continued to limit her intake since becoming a mother.

She said: "To be honest, I have not partaken in cannabis minus maybe a gummy or two in the last 15 years.

"But that’s because I spend every night with my children, and we’re high on cartoons.

"But I smoked a lot of reefer in college. I can’t and don’t drink, it gives me too much of a hangover."