Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson got ‘Unicorn Poo’ facial from his kids for Father’s Day

Opening up about his joy at his two youngest girls’ gift, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson said he loved getting a “Unicorn Poo” facial from his daughters for Father’s Day.



Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson got a ‘Unicorn Poo’ facial from his youngest daughters for Father’s Day
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson got a ‘Unicorn Poo’ facial from his youngest daughters for Father’s Day

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson got a “Unicorn Poo” facial from his youngest daughters for Father’s Day.

The former wrestler, 52, has daughter Simone, 22, with his businesswoman first wife Dany Garcia, as well as girls Jasmine and Tiana with his current spouse Lauren Hashian, and said he was surprised with the glitter-face makeover at 6.15am on Sunday. (16.06.24)

He said on Instagram alongside a video of his young daughters plastering his face with glitter as he lay back: “6.15am and no better way to start off Father’s Day than with a ‘Magical Glitter Facial’ aka Unicorn Poo. (Unicorn, poo and crying-with-laughter face emojis.)

“I was hanging in my office by 5am Father’s Day morning waiting for my little tornadoes to wake up – then around 6am, I heard the stampede of little running footsteps, they busted into my office and they said three things that I immediately knew was NOT going to end well… ‘Daddy we have a Father’s Day surprise for you.’ ‘Lay down.’ ‘This might sting your eyes.’ (Crying-with-laughter face and shrugging emojis.)

“I’m a sucker for this stuff – our babies grow up fast and I know a time will come when they’re all grown up and running to daddy first thing in the morning will no longer be this daddy’s reality.

“I LOVE IT and I’ll take every second of this girl dad magic while I can get it.

“Bring it on. (Unicorn, poo and crying-with-laughter face emojis.)

“Hope all you papas out there had an awesome Father’s Day.”

Dwayne posted the video of his Father’s Day gift as pictures emerged of him getting back to work on his MMA movie after he ruptured his bursa sac during its making.

He was left with a huge purple bruise after he ripped a pouch of fluid on his elbow, which he showed off in an Instagram post.

But snaps came out this week of him back on the set of ‘The Smashing Machine’ in which he wears a false nose and wig to play mixed-martial arts and UFC champion Mark Kerr, who had his rise to fame derailed by an opioid addiction.

He stars in the film alongside Emily Blunt, 41, and he said on Instagram he was planning to let “pain and tequila” guide him through his injury recovery.

Dwayne added alongside a snap of his bursa sac bruising: “Elbow got kissed by the boo boo monster. No extensive tissue damage.

“Ruptured bursa sac that will eventually heal. I’ve had much worse, and as always let pain – and tequila – be the guide. Back to work.”