Whoopi Goldberg recalls eating cat treats at 2am

Whoopi Goldberg has opened up about the time she ate cat treats in the middle of the night.



Whoopi Goldberg has recalled eating cat treats at 2am
Whoopi Goldberg has recalled eating cat treats at 2am

Whoopi Goldberg once ate cat treats at 2am.

The 68-year-old actress accidentally ate the treats in the middle of the night, after mistaking them for pretzels.

Whoopi said on 'The View': "I got home. Perhaps I was a little more jet lagged than I realized. I was not high. I had nothing to drink.

"It is two in the morning and there are these wonderful pretzels called Dot’s Pretzels, which I love. So sometimes you know when you get a bag of Dot’s Pretzels, they’re broken in half."

The Hollywood star subsequently explained that Alex Martin, her daughter, was partially to blame for the confusion.

Whoopi continued: "So my kid decided that she was to leave some cat treats on the other side of my bag so that if the cat wanted some treats, she could get up there and get some because I wasn’t going to get up.

"But this daughter of mine put a bag of the cat treats, she put them right next to the Dot’s! So 2am, you know what’s coming..."

Whoppi recalled feeling a bit disorientated because of her jetlag.

She then added: "I reach over and I pour some Dot’s in my hand and I put ‘em in my mouth. I’m chewing. [These may be] a little stale!"

Asked if she thought they were simply a new flavour, Whoopi replied: "No, no. I just poured some more in because maybe I thought, you know, bed mouth. You know, because sometimes you wake up and you got something in your mouth and you’re like, ‘Who is this?’

"So, I pour some more. ‘Why do these taste so bad?’ My eye finally kind of opened a little bit, and in my hand was the crabby flavour Temptations!"