'We're both individuals': Nicole Ari Parker opens up on 19 years of marriage to Boris Kodjoe

Nicole Ari Parker says the fact she and her other half like to live their own lives and had the same goals in life is key to their lasting marriage.



Nicole Ari Parker says being 'individuals' might be key to her long marriage to Boris Kodjoe
Nicole Ari Parker says being 'individuals' might be key to her long marriage to Boris Kodjoe

Nicole Ari Parker doesn’t have a “secret” to her long marriage.

The ‘And Just Like That…’ actress – who has Sophie, 19, and 17-year-old Nicolas with spouse Boris Kodjoe – has been happily wed to the actor for 19 years but insisted it isn’t anything more than enjoying one another’s company and having the same goals that have kept them together.

Asked what the key to their happy relationship, she told Britain’s HELLO! magazine: “It was our 19th wedding anniversary in May – I really don’t know how we did it.

“We’re good to each other, we wanted the same things in terms of the kids.

“We’re both individuals, we have fun.

“We like to travel, and we’ve been each other’s road-dog. The years just went by.

“I don’t have a secret, but he loves my Gymwrap [brand] and supports me.”

The couple cherish having dinner with their children every evening.

Nicole said: “I’m a foodie and interested in the food component of our wellbeing.

“My son is 6ft 6in and only 17, so there’s a lot of food consumption in my house.

“Food is a big part of our life and I always try to fill up tummies but be health conscious at the same time.

“Our family time is around dinner, and I cherish that time with the kids. During the week we have regular foods like spaghetti, baked chicken or grilled salmon and vegetables.

“There’s always protein, vegetables and some carbs.”

The 53-year-old star is keen to star in a Broadway musical in the future and has been “working on” her singing skills.

Asked what people would be surprised to learn about her, she said: “I don’t know what people think of me in the first place!

“Some people think I’m serious, but my friends know I’m silly.

“My dream is to be in a musical on Broadway one day. I don’t have the voice but I’m working on it.”