Nicholas Galitzine has 'uncomfortable' moment watching his sex scenes with his family

Nicholas Galitzine's family are "weirded out" by his career and he had a "pretty uncomfortable" moment watching his 'Mary + George' sex scenes with them.



Leo Woodall and Nicholas Galitzine for Variety (Photo Mary Ellen Matthews)
Leo Woodall and Nicholas Galitzine for Variety (Photo Mary Ellen Matthews)

Nicholas Galitzine's family are "weirded out" by his career.

The 29-year-old actor had a "pretty uncomfortable" moment when his family came to the premiere of his period drama series 'Mary + George' because he features in a number of sex scenes, which his dad insisted he was going to watch in order to prove how proud he was.

Asked if he's the only actor in his family by Theo Woodall - who has many relatives in the industry - for Variety's Actors on Actors series, Nicholas said: "Yeah. They’re definitely weirded out.

"They came to the premiere of 'Mary + George' and it was pretty uncomfortable.

"My dad, in this hypermasculine way, was like, 'I’m going to watch this. Men watch their sons do sex scenes.'

"It was like, 'Dad, you really don’t have to. I get that you’re proud.' ”

Meanwhile, Theo deliberately didn't tell his family about his sex scene in 'The White Lotus' and took pleasure in recording his brother's reaction.

He said: " I had the one scene in 'White Lotus'.”

"I watched it with my brother. I didn’t tell anyone that it was going to happen. I recorded him. He was like, 'Uhhh!' ”

Nicholas exclaimed: "I love that."

When it came to filming 'Mary + George', Nicholas quickly got comfortable with being naked.

He said: "I did four sex scenes in one day one time, with people who, that was their only scene. So I would welcome them on set like, 'OK, we’re in position.' "

The British star appears alongside Julianne Moore in the show and though he was intimidated by her at first, they quickly got caught up in filming.

He said: "Julie — I can call her that now, by the way — She actually goes by 'Juju' sometimes. I felt like that was a bit too familiar.

"But you do think, 'Julianne Moore, icon', and then you meet her in person and she’s so grounded.

Asked by Theo if he was intimidated by his co-star, Nicholas replied: "Maybe at first. But immediately, we’re scheming. A lot of combativeness."

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