Sinitta’s son was concerned about her romantic life

After her marriage to Andy Wilner ended, Sinitta's son urged her to find a new partner.



Sinitta’s son was 'more worried about [her] sex life' than she was
Sinitta’s son was 'more worried about [her] sex life' than she was

Sinitta’s son was “more worried about [her] sex life” than she was.

The ‘So Macho’ singer was single for “a long time” after her marriage to Andy Wilner ended in 2010 but while she was comfortable with the situation, her boy Zac, 18, urged her to find a partner.

She told new! magazine: “I didn’t date for a long time. I was single for eight-and-a-half nine years… I think they know I’m fussy and it took me a long time to find someone, so they trust that.

“Before I was with him, my son said to me, ‘I don’t think you should be alone all the time, all your friends are gay.’

“So he was more worried about my sex life than I was – but now I’m OK.”

Sinitta – who also has daughter Magdalena, also 18 – is very happy with her mystery man.

She said: “I am dating someone and he’s a really nice man.

“It’s nice, I’m happy. He’s obsessed with football but that’s fine. I’d rather that than other things. It’s good.”

The 60-year-old singer admitted seeing her children, who are both adopted, becoming adults has become a source of conflict in their home because they want to push boundaries more.

She said: “They’re obsessed with going out because now that they’re 18 they can and they’re loving it.

“We’re already fighting and they’ve only been 18 for a minute – it’s arguments every day.

“I’m trying to explain that they’re still under my roof and they’re not completely grown yet. I’m doing the whole, ‘It’s my house, it’s my rules’ thing but it’s hard.”