Boyzone's Keith Duffy reveals his ambitions for Chorley FC

Boyzone stars Keith Duffy and Shane Lynch have invested their money into Chorley FC.



Keith Duffy and Brian McFadden have joined forces
Keith Duffy and Brian McFadden have joined forces

Keith Duffy hopes to bring some "attention" to Chorley FC.

The 49-year-old pop star has joined forces with his Boyzone bandmate Shane Lynch and their Westlife pal Brian McFadden to invest in the English soccer team, and Keith has revealed that he has big ambitions for the team.

He told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "I went from selling vegetables and potatoes at the side of the road, a waiter, a barman, I worked all sorts of jobs.

"Then to get the opportunities Boyzone gave me to travel around the world on private jets and stay in five-star hotels and get to meet my heroes, it was life-changing.

"If we have any ability to bring what we’ve learned through our success to a football club and to lend our support and weight to try to bring some media attention and put that fire in the players of the team, to make them feel like they’re working to achieve something, it’s very exciting."

Despite this, Keith doesn't intend to invite his celebrity friends to many games.

He explained: "Our friends are the people we worked with growing up. We’re not into the celebrity friends thing."

Shane previously revealed that he planned to make a TV documentary about the team.

The 47-year-old pop singer - who shot to stardom with Boyzone in the 90s - told The Sun newspaper: "We’ve just bought Chorley Football Club. We start filming a documentary on that pretty much next week.

"It’s about getting the club into a financially successful place, to get the players paid well and to get the whole kind of town back in love with one of the oldest football clubs in the world."