Tamera Mowry reveals why she is still in showbusiness despite all of its 'challenges'

Tamera Mowry wants to "empower" other women after decades of facing "challenges" in showbusiness and revealswhy she is still in the spotlight more than 20 years after she shot to fame alongside her sister.



Tamera Mowry still loves showbusiness
Tamera Mowry still loves showbusiness

Tamera Mowry wants to "empower" other women after decades of facing "challenges" in showbusiness.

The 45-year-old actress hosted the 49th annual Gracie Awards - which honours the achievements of women in the media - over the weekend and explained that she still "loves" being in the industry more than 30 years after she started her career.

She told UsWeekly: "I’m a true believer of using your shared experiences to uplift and empower; it's [great] to see other women who have gone through some of the things that you have gone through in this industry.

"We love it, otherwise we wouldn’t stay in it. But you know, there are some challenges. And being here shows us that, ‘No, don’t give up.

"Fight. Use your voice, and, you know, progress can be made.’ And that’s what this has been about. That’s what it’s about. So important."

Meanwhile, the 'Twitches' star shot to fame alongside her twin sister in the 1990s when they were cast in the hit Nickelodeon sitcom 'Sister, Sister' but when asked whether a reboot was on the cards, confirmed that it would not be happening.

She said: "It’s not happening. back tells me, my knees tell me, but I’m grateful. I’m still here."

But Tamera - who was presented with the Trailblazer Award at the event for her work promoting women’s health and wellness - enjoyed a reunion with her on-screen adoptive mother Jackée Harry just before the awards and noted how close they still all these years after the series wrapped.

She said: "She’s always been there for pivotal moments in my life. So, the fact that she helped me get that award, it’s just love.

"And I texted her this morning. She was like, ‘I just love you to buckets.’ She was like, ‘100 percent.’ I can’t believe she’s using, like, emojis. It’s just, you know, [it’s] weird. But she’s amazing. She’s always been a part of my sister and I’s life. And she’s always been our cheerleader. So, it’s wonderful."