Nina Dobrev and Shaun White 'are completing their bucket list'

Shaun White is working his way through his bucket list ambitions, after retiring from snowboarding.



Nina Dobrev and Shaun White have been together since 2020
Nina Dobrev and Shaun White have been together since 2020

Nina Dobrev and Shaun White are making their way through a series of bucket-list ambitions.

The loved-up couple have been busy checking things off their bucket list since Shaun, 37, announced his retirement from snowboarding.

The former Olympian - who has been dating Nina since 2020 - told Us Weekly: "It’s been really fun having time together. Normally I’m off competing and she’s shooting a project or something … but now we’ve got some time together."

Shaun created a bucket list before he announced his retirement, and the celebrity couple are now focused on fulfilling their dreams.

He said: "We went to Antarctica, Dubai, visited her mom in France, went to Monaco, went to Indonesia. We’ve kind of been all over."

Shaun now has the opportunity to spend holidays and anniversaries with his friends and family.

The former sports star is thrilled that he's able to enjoy the "little things" in life after focusing on his sports career for so many years.

He shared: "I want to be around for Thanksgiving, I want to to be around for Christmas, I want to be around for people’s birthdays, holidays.

"It’s like those little things you kind of push aside when you’re completely focused on the task at hand, which was competing."

Shaun and Nina are actually set to be in Paris later this year to attend the Olympic Games.

However, the former athlete acknowledged that Nina, 35, might not be as enthusiastic about the Games as he is.

Shaun - who is a five-time Olympian and a three-time Olympic gold medallist - said: "That’s the plan. She’s going to hate me for saying that. Her mom lives in a town [in the] South of France. It’s like the most beautiful place."