Bill Hader phoned Ali Wong to shoot his hot after hearing about her divorce

Actor Bill Hader phoned comedian Ali Wong and called her his "dream girl" after hearing about her divorce.



Bill Hader made grand gestures to woo Ali Wong
Bill Hader made grand gestures to woo Ali Wong

Bill Hader phoned Ali Wong to say she was his "dream girl" after hearing about her divorce.

The 'Beef' star separated from her ex-husband Justin Hakuta in April 2022, and 19 months later it was reported she had filed for divorce, and the 'Saturday Night Live' alumni took his chance when he heard about the split.

Speaking during her 'Netflix Is A Joke Fest' show, she revealed: "I get a phone call from this guy who I met at a dinner party in the past, and he got my number from a mutual friend.

"He was like, ‘Hey, I just happened to hear the news about your divorce, and I've had a crush on you forever.

"'I actually told my best friend years ago that you were my dream girl, and I know it sounds crazy, but I want you to be my girlfriend.' "

The 'Always Be My Maybe' actress had just signed up for a dating app at the time, and she joked that he would have to wait.

She quipped: "I was like, ‘I just paid $25. You seem really nice, but I gotta get my money's worth.'"

Not long after their first exchange, Ali - who has kids Mari, eight, and Nikki, six, with her ex husband - went on a trip to Europe, and Bill sent flowers to every hotel she stayed in.

She admitted the grand gesture got some mixed reviews from her guy friends, but she insisted that said more about them than her new flame.

She teased: "That's how cheap and lazy men have become.

"When a fellow man commits any act of kindness, any romantic gesture, it must be a symptom of an undiagnosed mental illness."

Ali, 42, and 45-year-old Bill - who has daughters Hannah, 15, Harper, 12, and Hayley, 10, with ex wife Maggie Carey - first sparked rumours they were together in December 2022, before making their red carpet debut together at the Golden Globe Awards in January 2024.

The couple have remained "selectively private" about their relationship, and she was surprised by the attention they received at the ceremony.

She told Access Hollywood: "We've been together for a minute so I guess people didn't know we were together."