Mae Whitman is pregnant

Former 'Parenthood' star Mae Whitman has revealed she is pregnant.



Mae Whitman is pregnant
Mae Whitman is pregnant

Mae Whitman is pregnant.

The 35-year-old actress celebrated Mother's Day in the US on Sunday (12.05.24) by revealing she is expecting a baby of her own, showing off her bump in a reunion photo with her 'Parenthood' co-stars Lauren Graham and Miles Heizer - who played her alter ego Amber Halt's mom Sarah Braverman and brother Drew Holt - alongside pictures from the time in the sixth and final season when her character was also carrying a child.

She captioned her post: "Not to make a parenthood episode out of it or anything but!!! Mother’s Day looking a little different this year! [pregnant emoji] Can’t wait to meet you, huge baby kicking my insides to filth! #ruveal.(sic)"

Mae's 'Good Girls' co-star Christina Hendricks was among those to send congratulations.

She wrote: "I’m so happy for you."

Busy Philipps posted: "Love a hard launch [three heart emojis] (sic)"

And former 'Friday Night Lights' star Scott Porter - who had a cameo in the 'Parenthood' finale as Amber's future love interest - wrote: "Know I already told you BUT….congrats!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!! (sic)"

Mae - who hasn't revealed the father of her baby - doesn't often post on social media, but used her account to come out as pansexual in 2021 in a post praising her animated fantasy-comedy show 'The Owl House'.

She wrote: "Just taking a moment to say I am SO proud to be even a small part of a show like The Owl House. Being pansexual myself, I wish I had such incredible characters like Amity and Luz in my life when I was growing up. Queer representation is sososo important :,) keep it up world! #TOH."

Mae also posted a picture from the show, showing the two characters, including Amity who she voices.

'The Owl House' won rave reviews from critics and audiences for its LGBTQ+ representation and is the first Disney property to feature a same-sex couple in leading roles.

Mae went on to share her definition of pansexuality with her followers and shared a link to a GLAAD article on bisexuality.

She wrote: "I know ppl might be unfamiliar with what pansexual means; for me it means I know I can fall in love with people of all genders. This is the word that fits me best and I’m proud+happy to be part of the Bi+ community :,) For more"