Nemo BROKE Eurovision trophy after winning

Nemo accidentally broke the Eurovision trophy just moments after they were handed it.



Nemo broke the Eurovision trophy
Nemo broke the Eurovision trophy

Nemo broke the Eurovision trophy just moments after it was handed to them.

The 24-year-old singer - who identifies as non-binary - scooped victory for Switzerland in Saturday's (11.05.24) competition in Malmo with their song 'The Code', but shortly after being handed the glass prize, it toppled over when they put it down after waving to the audience - but the performer has already been given a replacement.

Appearing at a press conference after the competition, Nemo was asked: "The trophy is right in front of you, but there are already videos of you breaking it on stage. Did you actually break it?"

They laughed and replied: "I didn't just break The Code, I also broke the trophy, I also broke my thumb.

"But I got a new [trophy] - I technically have two now."

Nemo felt "really grateful" just to take part in the competition and praised the diversity of the line up.

They said: "I'm mostly just really grateful for this experience and all the friends I've made along the way. This was one of the most queer representations we've seen at Eurovision which was amazing, I want to shout out all the other queer artists this year."

The 'Du' singer called for more openness between people.

They said: “We need to talk with each other and I hope tonight can be a way of remembering that.”

'The Code' was written when Nemo went to songwriting camp, originally expecting to write for other people but was then asked to represent Switzerland themselves.

They said: "[Performing] a song where I speak about my story, having touched so many people and maybe inspired people to stay true to themselves, is the most insane thing that has ever happened to me."

Nemo scored a total of 591 points, comfortably securing victory ahead of second-placed Baby Lasagna for Croatia, whose track 'Rim Tim Tagi Dim' - which centres on the issue of young Croatians leaving the country in search of a better life - scored 547.

The top five on the points table was rounded out by Ukraine, France and Israel.

Meanwhile, Olly Alexander, the British entrant, failed to threaten the table-toppers, earning just 46 from the juries and zero points in the public vote for 'Dizzy'.