Ariana Madix asks for Rachel Leviss' lawsuit to be dismissed

Ariana Madix has hit back in her legal dispute with Rachel Leviss, her former 'Vanderpump Rules' co-star.



Ariana Madix has hit back in the legal dispute
Ariana Madix has hit back in the legal dispute

Ariana Madix has filed a motion to dismiss Rachel Leviss' lawsuit against her and Tom Sandoval.

The 38-year-old TV star split from Tom, 40, after it emerged that he had a months-long affair with Rachel, and Ariana has now filed an "anti-SLAPP" motion to dismiss Rachel's lawsuit.

Rachel, 29, is suing for revenge porn, eavesdropping, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

But in legal documents obtained by 'Entertainment Tonight', Ariana's legal team have called the lawsuit an example of a "SLAPP" suit - a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation.

The team have described the lawsuit as "an abuse of the legal process" and they now want Ariana's legal fees to be paid by Rachel.

Ariana took the action shortly after Tom accused Rachel of trying to "rebrand herself as the victim" in their cheating scandal.

Tom's legal team claimed that Rachel is trying to portray him as a "predatory" force.

What's more, it's been suggested that 'Rachel Goes Rogue' - the TV star's podcast series - is a cynical attempt to manipulate the narrative following their affair.

Prior to that, Tom claimed that he's been treated like a murderer after his 2023 cheating scandal.

The reality TV star likened his treatment to that of Scott Peterson, who was previously convicted of murdering his pregnant wife Laci Peterson and their unborn son.

He said on 'Vanderpump Rules': "I’m being treated like I’m Scott Peterson and it will linger with me, like Scott Peterson."

Tom admitted that his life was torn apart by the scandal, as he lost friends and Rachel decided to cut ties with him altogether.

He said: "I lost pretty much all of my friends and now I’m losing Rachel, it's a lot for me emotionally.

"There's part of me that thought when she gets out [from the mental health facility] maybe we can both be in a healthy place to see each other again and connect but I'm figuring out like that'll never happen and it really really breaks my heart."