Lucy Boynton bagged 'stack' of records from The Greatest Hits set

Lucy Boynton was thrilled to take home a “stack” of vinyl records from the set of her new movie ‘The Greatest Hits’.



Lucy Boynton was thrilled with her end of shoot gift
Lucy Boynton was thrilled with her end of shoot gift

Lucy Boynton was thrilled to take home a “stack” of records from ‘The Greatest Hits’ set.

The 30-year-old actress stars in the time-travelling love story as grieving Lucy and at the end of filming, she was delighted to be given a souvenir of the movie’s “killer soundtrack”.

She told Britain’s HELLO! magazine: “I was given a stack of records that we used; that’s both really sentimental and practically great.

“All of the Beatles songs transport me back to my childhood. But at the moment, a song I love is ‘Saying Goodbye’ by Ondara.

“It’s a song I heard for the first time last summer and I’vve kept it on a loop ever since.”

The movie saw Lucy reunite with her ‘The Politician’ co-star David Corenswet and she admitted it was much easier working with someone she’s shared the screen with in the past.

She explained: “It felt as though we were picking up where we left off.

2We got to skip the chapter of tentatively learning each other so we dived right in.

“I know how David works and he knows how I work, so it was cohesive.

“I think we felt safe with each other but it was also really fun.”

One highlight of the blonde beauty’s career so far was playing Countess Andrenyi in ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ because she learned so much from director Sir Kenneth Branagh.

She said: “Working with him was a really special experience.

“He has a specific way of communicating with actors because he is a director and an actor and because of his theatre background.

“It felt like being part of a theatre troupe.

“I was grateful to get that insight and I’ve tried to apply it to my jobs since then.”