Nico Tortorella and wife expecting second child

Nico Tortorella and wife Bethany C. Meyers are expecting their second child, a year after welcoming daughter Kilmer into the world.



Nico Tortorella and Bethany C Meyers are expecting another baby
Nico Tortorella and Bethany C Meyers are expecting another baby

Nico Tortorella and wife Bethany C. Meyers are expecting their second child.

The couple welcomed daughter Kilmer into the world in March 2023 after previously documenting their fertility struggles and they've now revealed that, on "the very day" they moved to a new home in Florida, the fitness instructor conceived again.

Nico wrote on Instagram: "We've got some big news: We're having another baby!

"This era has been all about transition, bending and shifting in order not to break. We left everything familiar to find something new—somewhere the grass really is greener because the sun shines more. We did it. We moved to a place where we can grow food year-round, where we can run barefoot, chase lizards, play in the ocean, and literally stop to smell the flowers. Somewhere we can continue to build our family.

"The very day we arrived at our new house, we made a baby. Really, it's true. It's funny how, when you commit to dreams and embrace changes, miracles unfold."

The 'Younger' star ended with a touching message for Bethany and Kilmer.

Nico added: "Right now, this moment is a celebration of life at a time when life itself seems the most fragile.

"Bethany, thank you for creating the space to continue to grow our family. We are nothing without you. I am constantly in awe of your strength and willingness to expand.

"And Kilmer Dove, get ready girl—it's big sister energy from here on out. I love you both. I love all of you. All of it is you."

Bethany also shared the news on Instagram, expressing her amazement at how quickly she fell pregnant and paying tribute to her spouse.

She wrote: "It took years to conceive our first, and this baby made its way into our lives as soon as we touched down at the ocean, which still feels completely surreal. Already, I see the personality differences between our first and second. Which makes me feel like so much of fertility and family expansion is divine timing. We did all the earthly tactics to get our babies, while our babies did all the heavenly ones. Together, we combine forces to prepare for their grand entrance into the world.

"To @nicotortorella, I can't wait to go down this path again—one that is both familiar and completely unknown. Thank you for being the ultimate belly-rubber, crepe-finder, and Kilmer-soother so I can tack on another 30 minutes to my nap. Kilmer Dove, you are my first, and I love you. But pretty soon, I'm gonna need you to stop jamming your finger into my belly button while yelling 'BA BA!!'"

Bethany ended her post with a message for those experiencing fertility issues.

She wrote: "Lastly, I want to acknowledge that when you've experienced pregnancy loss or have struggled to conceive, pregnancy announcements always feel bittersweet, sometimes even your own. It's not lost on me that some people reading this are still hoping for their first while I announce my second.

"There are never any words that make it better, so I won't try to offer them. I will just let you know that you are seen and your sorrow is held, even in my joy."