Christina Hendricks marries George Bianchini in 'sexy, gothic' wedding

Christina Hendricks has married George Bianchini in what she has described as a "sexy, gothic" wedding.



Christina Hendricks and Gegroge Bianchini have tied the knot
Christina Hendricks and Gegroge Bianchini have tied the knot

Christina Hendricks has married George Bianchini.

The 48-year-old actress struck up a relationship Steadicam operator George, 47, in October 2021 and the couple have now tied the knot in a New Orleans-based ceremony that was officiated by Shirley Manson, the lead singer of Garbage.

Christina told People: "New Orleans is a place that I always loved to go before I met George, and a place that he always loved to go before he met me. And then when we first started dating or meeting up, because we lived across the country from one another, it was the place in the middle. It just feels like our city together, even though we both loved it individually."

The former 'Mad Men' star - who was initially married to actor Geoffrey Arend for a decade between 2009 and 2019 - unveiled her engagement news on Instagram and then took the reins on planning the big day but planned to simply order pizza if all else failed.

She said: "I really felt like I had to be able to bob and weave in a situation where you're planning a party in a city that you don't live in. I just kept saying to myself, 'At the end of the day, if all of our friends and family together being happy and celebrating… If all else fails, I'll order pizza, and we're going to have a great time."

But the ceremony was a success and Chrstina recalled making sure that her flowers her a focal element of the celebrations and soon found after teaming up with design studio Sharime Kayla that she could have the "sexy, gothic" wedding she always dreamed of.

She said: "I've always loved flowers. It's something so special to me, and I've never really indulged in just having an event and just letting it be a festival of flora and fauna.

"I came [to her] with Pinterest pictures and, 'I like this and I like this and I like this.' And she went, 'Oh, you want Southern Gothic with Dutch masters.' And I went, 'Oh God, that's exactly what I want!

"It was gothic, moody and sexy. George and I are both ex-goths, so that speaks to us!"