Iskra Lawrence pregnant with second child

Model Iskra Lawrence has revealed she's pregnant with her second child four years after she became a mum for the first time with her partner Philip Payne.



Iskra Lawrence and her partner Philip Payne are expecting baby number two
Iskra Lawrence and her partner Philip Payne are expecting baby number two

Iskra Lawrence is pregnant with her second child.

The 33-year-old model has confirmed she's expecting baby number two with her partner Philip Payne four years after they became first-time parents when they welcomed son Alpha back in 2020 - and she used her happy news to announce she will be giving away $20,000 to two Instagam followers struggling with infertility to help them start a family.

In her post on Instagram, Iskra wrote: "Four years later and we are finally going to be a family of 4.

"This announcement is extra special because once again I’m partnering with @firstresponsepregnancy and I’ll be giving away all $20k to two of YOU to support you on your fertility journey."

Iskra previously held a giveaway to donate $10,000 to two women who were both struggling to start families of their own - and she revealed they have both since become mums.

She added: "Four years ago I gave away $10k each to Sara and Skye during my first pregnancy and it’s hard not to cry writing this but both now have their rainbow babies and it’s truly been my greatest honour being part of their journeys and I can’t wait to do this again.

"1 in 6 people are affected globally by infertility and 1 in 4 women experience miscarriage, pregnancy loss or still birth and there is no where near enough support, education or on going research into women’s health so let’s continue to end the shame, stigma and silence.

"Good luck my loves."

When she announced the previous competition, Iskra revealed she wanted to help other women become mothers because she was well aware of her good fortune.

She wrote in an Instagram post at the time: "'I'm well aware of the struggles many women face with infertility and how lucky I am ... 'It's something very close to my heart with many of my best friends and family members experiencing these challenges. "

Iskra and Philip met at a Grammy Awards party in 2018 and they went public with their romance the following year.