Iskra Lawrence promises to protect daughter from racism

British model Iskra Lawrence has pledged to protect her daughter from racial discrimination.



Iskra Lawrence's Instagram post
Iskra Lawrence's Instagram post

Iskra Lawrence has promised to protect her daughter from racial discrimination.

The 29-year-old model - who gave birth on April 16 - has taken to Instagram to hit out at racism in light of George Floyd's death in Minneapolis last week.

Alongside a photograph of her daughter, Iskra wrote: "This is my beautiful innocent black baby.

"As your mother I will protect you in anyway I can. But I know that will never be enough. Your skin colour will impact your life in a way I will never be able to understand. (sic)"

In her post, Iskra identified as a "privileged" white woman whose life experiences are different to those of her boyfriend, songwriter Philip Payne.

Her post continued: "Your father @philipapayne will have to teach you things as a privileged white child I never had to learn. Your friends will need to be allies and speak up for you at times when simply being you could get you hurt or killed. Now it's on all of us to educate ourselves. Ive asked far too many questions to my black loved ones when they are already exhausted and grieving for their community.

"It's not on them to educate us privileged folk. We need to do our own research into the deep rooted history of racism. Ask ourselves questions like why we are shown the graphic videos of black people being murdered on the news yet you'll never see a video of a white person being murdered? (sic)"

Iskra also called on her Instagram followers to join the fight against racism.

She said: "Signing petitions, donating and calling to support is the least we can do.

"Let's have the discussions with our families, campaign to get police reform and continue to learn more so we can combat systemic racism everyday.

"We must use our white privilege to do better in memory of all those who've had their lives ended, futures taken and have to fight discrimination every single day... (sic)"