Nicole Richie: My 40s are my most fun decade

Reality star Nicole Richie has revealed that she's loving life in her 40s.



Nicole Richie is loving life in her 40s
Nicole Richie is loving life in her 40s

Nicole Richie is having more fun than ever in her 40s.

The 42-year-old TV star has enjoyed lots of highs and lows in her life - but Nicole has now suggested that she's never been happier.

Speaking to Interview magazine, Nicole - who has Harlow, 16, and Sparrow, 14, with her husband Joel Madden - shared: "My 40s are the absolute most fun decade, and I find myself name-dropping my age now more than ever, simply because I want people to understand the state of mind that I’m in.

"I am not some 20-year-old idiot. I am a 42-year-old woman."

Nicole rose to prominence by appearing alongside Paris Hilton in 'The Simple Life' between 2003 and 2007.

But Nicole doesn't think of that era in "any sort of distinctive matter" these days.

She said: "There are parts of me that just don’t feel that far enough away from the early 2000s to think of it in any sort of distinctive matter. I’ve been called to do photo shoots and they say, ‘Okay, and we want to do early 2000s,’ and then I see the clothes and I don’t remember that version of it at all."

Earlier this month, Nicole admitted that her children are unimpressed by 'The Simple Life'.

The reality star told Variety: "'The Simple Life' is apparently having a big moment on TikTok, so they do tell me that they watch clips on TikTok. Their friends watch it. I get a lot of eye rolls in my house all the time.

"It’s right on brand with how they see me, in general."

Asked if her kids plan to follow her into the entertainment business, Nicole replied: "I’m not sure.

"I highly doubt that my son does. My daughter might but she’s not banging down my door asking about it. She’s really living that 16-year-old life."