Elizabeth Chambers describes Armie Hammer divorce as ‘absolute hell’

Elizabeth Chambers has revealed her public divorce from Armie Hammer was "absolute hell" and she "wouldn't wish it upon anyone".



Elizabeth Chambers admitted her divorce from Armie Hammer has been 'absolute hell'
Elizabeth Chambers admitted her divorce from Armie Hammer has been 'absolute hell'

Elizabeth Chambers’ divorce from Armie Hammer has been “absolute hell”.

The 41-year-old beauty split from the 'Call Me By Your Name' actor - with whom she has Harper, nine, and seven-year-old Ford - in July 2020, just months before allegations began to surface about the 37-year-old star from a number of women who accused him of being controlling and abusive, as well as having cannibalistic fantasies.

And Elizabeth has admitted the "painful" process was even more difficult because it all played out in the public eye.

During an appearance on reality show ‘Grand Cayman: Secrets in Paradise’, she said: "I went through a very public divorce that was riddled with scandal. Stories were coming out each day and horrific articles, and I was learning about them as it happened.

“Our divorce is almost final, but it’s not easy.

“The life that we had planned for years basically shattered. That was a really painful period of time. Doing that on a more public platform it was absolute hell, and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.”

The BIRD Bakery founder also expressed her frustration over the rumours and speculation that were written about her marriage.

She said: “You can write something for clickbait. You can write something for headlines. You can write something for sensation. But ultimately only I know the truth. I'm not playing that game.

“I lived it. I know it. I know the truth. So at the end of the day, unless you were there, you don't know.”

Despite the difficult divorce, Elizabeth recently insisted she was “excited” to see what the next chapter in her life had in store for her.

Speaking to ‘Access Hollywood’, she said: “I feel like we’re in a good place now. I think the moment of moving on is now.

“So yeah, I am really happy here. “I feel like that chapter of healing is really closed. We’re in a new chapter and it’s a great new beginning and I am excited to see what the future holds.”