Jameela Jamil in a 'position of luxury' because she is childfree

Jameela Jamil is "in a position of luxury" with her life and career because she doesn't have children.



Jameela Jamil doesn't have children
Jameela Jamil doesn't have children

Jameela Jamil is "in a position of luxury" because she doesn't have children.

The 'A Good Place' actress - who divides her time between Los Angeles and London with her partner James Blake - is happy she mostly works from home and though she acknowledged she doesn't need to work very much, she explained it is a result of her life choices.

She told Sunday Times magazine: "I’ve managed to work it out so that most of my job — press, podcasting and interviews — is done from my bedroom. My grooming routine is peeling off the crust of last night’s make-up. I’m dressed from the waist up only. I just have to pick what I’m going to cover my breasts with and I’m good to go.

"My dogs are lazy, so at 9am we take them out for a walk. Then I do four hours of work recording podcasts. It really is the life. I don’t live beyond my means — I’m in a position of luxury because I’ve chosen not to have children, so I can work when I want to."

But one part of her life that the 'I Weigh' host doesn't particularly like is socialising with other stars because she thinks celebrities are "odd".

She said: "I may have to attend an evening event, which I don’t really enjoy. I’m socially anxious and I find celebrities very odd.

"I go to James’s gigs, but I had to skip one recently because it was in a cemetery and I was afraid I’d see a ghost. A medium called Tyler Henry was on my podcast and I asked him if ghosts are watching when we’re w****** and he said yes. That’s the sort of hard-hitting question I ask."

Jameela has spoken openly in the past about her mental health struggles and she's found walking has proven greatly beneficial.

She said: "After work is done, we go for a one-hour 'hike' — or walk, as English people call it.

"My mental health has improved exponentially since I started walking every day."

The 38-year-old star struggles to fall asleep - because she can't stop thinking of ways to help her pets achieve immortality.

She said: "After dinner we watch TV. I always fall asleep then wake up, deny it and gaslight James for half an hour. I’d rather admit to murder.

"In bed he falls asleep instantly while I lie awake wondering if I can extend the life of my dogs for ever.

"We sleep under three weighted blankets and I play a game on my phone to help me stop thinking about how terrible the world is.

"I fall asleep like a monkey on a branch, clinging to James’s bum."