Sydney Sweeney has 'very, very little' sleep

Sydney Sweeney has dismissed claims she only sleeps for two hours sleep a night but admitted she can function on "very, very little" shut eye and has never tried coffee.



Sydney Sweeney doesn't sleep much
Sydney Sweeney doesn't sleep much

Sydney Sweeney can function on "very, very little" sleep and has never tried coffee.

The 'Euphoria' actress dismissed rumours she only gets two hours of shut-eye a night, but admitted she is "known" for being able to function after very little rest.

Speaking to WSJ magazine, she said: "I sleep however many hours I get in a night. But I’m known for being able to function off of very, very little for a very long amount of time."

The 26-year-old star begins her day around 7.30am with cuddles from her dog Tank, and even if she's not had much sleep, she doesn't need any caffeine to get her going.

She said: "I've never tried coffee before. I just drink water. For breakfast, I like a berry bowl. Maybe some granola, bacon, a croissant, but I always go to berries."

Sydney's biggest passion is working to restore vintage cars, and she's excited about her next project.

She said: "I have a car I'm about to start. I don't want to spoil what it is yet because I'm going to post it on my TikTok, but I've had it for a while.

I've been saving it, and it's going to be my project this year while I film 'Euphoria'."

The 'Anyone But You' actress loves "a good deal" but is happy to splash the cash when it comes to throwing parties.

She said: “I like to splurge on parties. I like to host parties for my friends and family.”

“I love a good deal. Anything in life other than parties, I will be penny pinching.”

Sydney is "pretty simple" in her make-up routine if she isn't working and one of her favourite ways to relax is with a face mask.

She said: “I’m pretty simple if I’m not working. I’m either a blush-and-mascara kind of girl or nothing at all.”

Asked how she relaxes, she added: “I love to do a face mask. I like these 111Skin face masks. And chill on the couch with Tank and read a book.”