Dolly Parton hails 'inspirational' Dollywood

Dolly Parton believes Dollywood - the theme park that she co-owns - is an inspirational place.



Dolly Parton co-owns the theme park in Tennessee
Dolly Parton co-owns the theme park in Tennessee

Dolly Parton hopes Dollywood can inspire "big dreams".

The 78-year-old singer co-owns the theme park in Tennessee, and Dolly believes that it has a special charm.

The award-winning star told PEOPLE: "We’re lucky to be in the part of the world that I believe is just absolutely the most perfect place that God has created, so we just look outside the window and those big, beautiful Smoky Mountains provide all the inspiration we could ever dream of finding."

Dolly thinks the theme park is an inspirational place for visitors.

The 'Jolene' hitmaker said: "The Smokies - and the wonderful people who work here - are what make Dollywood so different than many of the other theme parks around the world.

"We’re right on the front porch of the most-visited national park in the country, so we take what God gave us and use it to dream up the big dreams we want our guests to experience while they are here riding rides and making memories."

Meanwhile, Dolly hopes her Broadway show will open in 2025.

The singer is currently focused on creating the much-anticipated Broadway production, and it will ultimately be the fulfilment of a long-held ambition.

She recently told PEOPLE: "Right now, I'm working on my life story as a musical, and so going on Broadway and opening my show on Broadway, that's been a biggie [goal] in my mind for many, many years.

"That'd be the one that I want to make certain I get done while I'm still kicking, while I'm around to stay involved in it."

Dolly believes the show will premiere on Broadway in two years' time.

The music icon said: "I’m hoping to have my show [there] in spring of 2025. That’s my aim!"

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