Michelle Keegan 'is in her golden moment'

Michelle Keegan has been tipped to become a Hollywood star by a brand expert.



Michelle Keegan has been tipped to shine in Hollywood
Michelle Keegan has been tipped to shine in Hollywood

Michelle Keegan has the "star quality" to make it big in Hollywood.

The 36-year-old actress recently had a starring role in 'Fool Me Once', an eight-episode series on Netflix, and Nick Ede - a brand and culture expert - has now suggested that Michelle could turn her focus towards Tinseltown.

Nick told Closer magazine: "This is Michelle's golden moment. She's really earned her acting stripes and she's held her own as the lead performer in 'Fool Me Once' against Joanna Lumley, who is known all over the world.

"It's really given Michelle a platform to make her a major star. All eyes are on her at the moment because Netflix is watched by millions of people globally and her series is number one [in the UK] and in the US.

"She looks every inch the Hollywood leading lady and she has star quality."

Nick also hailed Michelle as the "whole package" for Hollywood producers.

He explained: "As a Hollywood producer or director, you want somebody who's the whole package - and that's Michelle."

Meanwhile, an insider recently revealed that Michelle is keen to land a film role.

The source told MailOnline: "The response to 'Fool Me Once' has been overwhelming.

"The phone calls and offers have been coming in from Hollywood film executives, it's different to anything Michelle has experienced before.

"Netflix is a global platform and the show has given her the opportunity to shine.

"Her career has already been a success but now her star is rising, everyone can feel that this is the beginning of something special.

"Michelle feels lucky that she's always played likeable characters but now she's hoping to take it up a notch by landing a film role.

"She aspires to play a dark character in a hard-hitting thriller, which will be a challenge that she's completely ready for."

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