Saturday Night Live star Victoria Jackson have up her career for her husband

Former 'Saturday Night Live' Victoria Jackson gave up her showbiz career so her husband could follow his own ambitions.



Victoria Jackson gave up her showbiz career after getting married
Victoria Jackson gave up her showbiz career after getting married

´╗┐Victoria Jackson gave up her showbiz career for her husband.

The 62-year-old comedienne - who has Scarlett, 38, with ex-husband Nisan Eventoff as well as 30-year-old Aubrey with second husband Paul Wessell - was a cast member on 'Saturday Night Live' from 1986 to 1992 but after leaving the sketch show, her television appearances began to dwindle and she has now explained that she gave things up so her Paul could continue his career.

She told Closer US: "I got reconnected with my high school sweetheart, and I gave up my career so that he could have his. He was a helicopter police pilot in Miami. I moved down there to raise a family. My daughters attended the same Christian school where my husband and I met in seventh grade. My days were filled with motherhood, and I taught my daughters how to harmonize. We sang all the time."

After leaving 'SNL', Victoria spent the rest of the 1990s making guest appearances on shows such as 'The X-Files' and 'Sabrina, the Teenage Witch' before taking a long hiatus from acting and only returning to screens in 2012.

Meanwhile, 'The Matchbreaker' actress explained that politics were not as "divisive as they are now" some 40 years ago but suggested that because she takes a more conservative viewpoint in general, "everything" has been "affected" by her viewpoints.

When I first went to LA in the '80s, politics weren't as divisive as they are now. People weren't trying to kill each other over ideas. Plus, I wasn't political. I didn't know anything about

politics until I was about 50. I hate politics, but religion and politics are intertwined. It's what your world view is, and that affects everything.

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