Kylie Minogue taking extra care of vocals performing in Las Vegas

Kylie Minogue is using a humidifier and making sure the desert climate doesn't cause damage to her vocals.



Kylie Minogue looking after vocals in Las Vegas
Kylie Minogue looking after vocals in Las Vegas

Kylie Minogue is being extra cautious to look after her vocals during her Las Vegas residency.

The 'Vegas High' singer kicked off her 'More Than Just a Residency' run at the brand new venue, Voltaire, at Venetian Las Vegas, on Friday (03.11.23), and after hearing from other singers about the challenges of performing in the desert, Kylie is taking "extra care" to ensure the climate doesn't cause any damage to her vocals and using a humidifier.

She told The Sun newspaper: “I still want to go all out. Whenever I say to myself, ‘You have to go cruise control’ it never happens. I can’t help but give everything.

“One unique change to the norm has been having to be very aware of my vocals as we’re in the desert.

“I’ve heard from a few performers that you have to take extra care as this type of climate can be difficult to manage.”

Unlike other diva acts, the 55-year-old pop idol will happily iron her own clothes and tidy her backstage area.

Asked if she irons and hoovers, she replied: “Yes! And a good bit of sorting.

“I love to potter around and as I’m on the road so much, whenever I’m in a place where I can settle for more than a few days, I can do this. Nothing beats being at home though.

“I am a little fastidious even at work and I’m normally the last person to leave and I’m tidying up before I go.”

And the 'Spinning Around' hitmaker doesn't have any diva demands when it comes to her backstage area.

Asked what's on her rider, she said: “I keep my backstage area pretty simple. I don’t need distraction. Here in Vegas, a humidifier is essential.

“High up on the list of priorities is a kettle and a coffee machine. A well-timed cup of tea can always make things better.”

The residency set is a 75-minute journey through her five-decade-long career, with fans able to get up close and personal with Kylie.

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