Heidi Klum likes to have breasts 'Hans and Franz' on display for AGT

Heidi Klum is not afraid to show off her assets on 'America's Got Talent'.



Heidi Klum is keen to treat viewers to 'Hans and Franz' on AGT
Heidi Klum is keen to treat viewers to 'Hans and Franz' on AGT

Heidi Klum likes to have her breasts on show on 'America's Got Talent'.

The 50-year-old supermodel - who has been a judge on the show since 2013 - concentrates on her top half when choosing her outfits for the programme because she knows everything she wears from the chest down is covered by the panel's desk.

Referring to her assets by her nickname for them, Hans and Franz, she told People StyleWatch: "“When I do AGT, most of the time I sit behind a desk, so it's really from the waist up.

"So I look for something that is of interest around here. And usually, I like to have Hans and Franz on a good display."

Heidi's other important consideration is to make the outfit more interesting than just plain colour.

She continued: "It's usually sequins or something with a great texture. I love big earrings or doing different things with my hair.

"Sofía [Vergara, her co-judge] and I have a good beauty and fashion thing going.

"Last week she was in yellow, and I was in red and people made ketchup and mustard memes."

Heidi - who is married to Tom Kaulitz and has four children with ex-husband Seal - joked she is a "hoarder" when it comes to holding on to her old outfits, but insisted she

does wear her clothes more than once so they're always worth holding on to.

She said: "I have a really hard time throwing things away, because I know I'm going to wear this again at some point, and I do.”

The blonde beauty noted her personal style is always changing.

She said: "I want to dress however my mood is that day."