Hayley Hasselhoff faced 'crippling anxiety' over school bullies who tormented her over her big boobs

Hayley Hasselhoff wants to inspire everyone to be confidence no matter what their size.



Hayley Hasselhoff is on a mission to make people feel their 'sexiest' at any body size
Hayley Hasselhoff is on a mission to make people feel their 'sexiest' at any body size

Hayley Hasselhoff was bullied for her bust size at school.

The plus-size fashion model and body positivity activist - who is the daughter of actor David Hasselhoff - had a hard time in the playground because she would be teased over needing to wear a bra, and it took so much of a "toll" on her "confidence" that she ended up not pursuing a swimming career.

Speaking to new! magazine, she said: "If someone had told me as a child that one day I'd be working as a model and body activist. I'd never have believed them. I suffered from crippling social anxiety and struggled going to school. l was being bullied because of my bust size and the kids teased me for wearing a bra.

"All this took a toll on my confidence and I even quit entering swimming competitions. which I loved, because I was conscious of my body.

'My dad, David Hasselhoff, was a huge star on Baywatch and well-connected in the industry. So I was inspired by him to be an actress but ventured into the modelling world instead."

The former 'Celebrity Showmance' star struggled with the backlash she faced for her size but has vowed to never let it hold her back, and encourages everyone to ooze confidence no matter what their size is because it will come off as the "sexiest thing".

She continued: "By 14, I was signed to an agency. Back then, plus size or curve models were niche and I'd never seen girls with fuller figures in fashion campaigns. And neither had the public. It was hard because I had a lot of media backlash. I'd always be asked how I could truly love myself with a bigger body, but those questions only spurred me on to love the skin I'm in even more. Things took a toll on my mental health, though, so now I am a huge advocate for telling other people about my anxiety and depression and how I haven't let it hold me back.

"Since I realised the connection between my body and mental health, things have become so much clearer for me - I've made it a priority to always be my own best friend.

*When it comes to body image and size diversity in the fashion, television and film industires, we have come a long way, but it's always going to be something we need to discuss. We forget so often that our bodies are actually our home and our vessel.

It's completely normal to have bad and gand times, Yours nat always going to feel great about how you look, but don't ever let Anyone can make you feel like you don't matter. I accept my bad body days for what they are, but I know that I need to have those bad body days to get back to my good ones.

"So wear the swimwear this summer!

And above all, don't worry about what anyone else thinks. Being confident is the sexiest thing. All of our stories are so important, speak yours loud and speak it with conviction."