Hulk Hogan goes teetotal

Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan gave up alcohol six months ago - swapping booze for 'really good' mineral water in glass bottle



Hulk Hogan has given up alcohol because he was using it to 'numb' himself
Hulk Hogan has given up alcohol because he was using it to 'numb' himself

Hulk Hogan has gone teetotal.

The 69-year-old wrestling legend has revealed he gave up alcohol six months ago after becoming concerned about the amount he was consuming so he quit boozing completely and swapped beer for mineral water alongside a healthy diet of organic food and he's now back to his high school weight of 265 pounds.

Speaking to Men's Health about his relationship with alcohol, Hogan revealed he would drink up to 15 beers a day at the height of his wrestling career. He explained: "The pre-match meal was probably three Miller Lites and two Tylenols. That was the pre-match meal then afterwards the post-match meal was probably 12 Miller Lites."

When asked if he still drinks Miller Lites, Hogan replied: "No I don't. I don't drink alcohol at all. I just don't drink. Don't take Tylenols, I don't do anything except really good water. Mountain Valley water in glass bottles."

He went on to explain why he decided to give up boozing, adding: "[I gave up alcohol] about six months ago. Completely. I just got tired of it.

"It got to be a way to kind of numb me a little bit because I had a bunch of crazy business problems and personal stuff going on at the time and caught myself after I would train getting too aggressive once again with the alcohol so I decided to stop it."

Hogan added he's become a lot more health conscious after undergoing multiple surgeries to fix various injuries and decided to slim down to help him heal.

He revealed his breakfast now consists of yoghurt, a banana and organic coffee while his main meals are usually chicken, steak or sushi and he's given up sugar in a bid to help calm "inflammation" in his joints.